Yellow floral lace and 4 way stretch cullottes by louise kinlen - Fabriques

Yellow floral lace and 4 way stretch cullottes

louise kinlen

Hi. So delighted to bring you the first blog featuring Fabriques fabric. 
So who am I?! Just someone who loves to sew! To make things. To create. And to indulge my love of colour, texture, and design. Like so many people I’m self-taught having been inspired by family from a young age. What’s better than to experiment, read, watch and chat? It all results in learning and improving. I was over the moon to be able to write and make for Fabriques as it’s through platforms like this that I am so often inspired. Other people’s makes, ideas and creations are a joy, and I hope you enjoy mine too! @bigsissews

The fabric…

Wow. Just Wow! One of my favourite things is to create everyday, wearable items from the most beautiful and special fabrics I can find. Whether it’s colour, or sparkle! And this floral lace did not disappoint. It is so soft and I knew I had to choose a pattern with drape to make the most of the movement   It has just the right amount of stretch in all directions and such a pretty design.  

The yellow stretch fabric I chose for underneath was again, such a high quality with an almost velvet feel. Fabrics cut beautifully especially when the weight was supported so as not to distort the shape. 

Yellow floral lace

Yellow soft touch 4 way stretch 

I found a rotary cutter was the best tool so as not to have to lift as you do with scissors. Memories of making patchwork quilts with my mum came to mind if I cut out the pieces for the trousers.

The pattern…

I used an online PDF pattern from @rebeccajpage which I have used before. It’s an easy sew but I knew it would show off the fabric to its best. I decided not to put pockets in this time as I wanted the lace to lie perfectly on top of the stretch under layer.

Although I was a little nervous about sewing four layers together, especially some being quite slippy, I found that basting the lace to the stretch with a long straight stitch before then pinning front and back pieces was the best option. Needless to say I also used a stretch needle on my machine which avoided any catching of the delicate top layer.

The finished item…

I’m in love! With lacey trousers!   The most comfortable pair of stretch cullottes with wide legs I think I have ever owned! Perfect for those evenings whether we are in or out. I think everyone deserves to be able to wear lace even whilst enjoying a drink on your own patio! And the best thing? No creases! These fabrics are the perfect holiday pack. Throw in the case and you’ll be ready for those summer evenings whether you’re ‘out out’, or ‘out/not out’!

In summary…

The quality of these stretch fabrics make for a very forgiving sew. Line it up, give it room and it will reward! Don’t save those lace fabrics just for special occasions. They’re perfect for every day too! 


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