Lingerie 101 - Part 6: Using up your scraps - Fabriques

Lingerie 101

Lingerie 101 - Part 6: Using up your scraps

Carol Walker

The final part of the Lingerie 101 is finally here. Today I will show you how to use up the last of your scraps of fabric.

Lingerie 101 - Part 5: The Ogden Cami

Carol Walker

Welcome to Part 5 - The Ogden Cami. Join my crazy week  and watch me create an Ogden Cami and matching Lyla Panties.

Lingerie 101 - Part 4: Finishing your Bra and Panties

Carol Walker

Today you will be able to wear your finished Bra and Panties!

Lingerie 101 - Part 3: Finally time to sew

Carol Walker

So here we are at Part 3 of my Lingerie 101, and I am sure most of you won't have been able to wait and are sewing up as we speak. But just in case you haven't, and just in case you wanted to watch me go through it -...