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Introduction To Lingerie Sewing

Carol Walker

Hi, I’m Carol and my passion is to sew my own lingerie. For the next few weeks and months, I will walk you through a process which has literally become an obsession.

Today, it's no longer about the art of finding your happiness and your sewing mojo, it's also the art of making things seem brighter. Your lack of sleep seems a long way from normal, the bus which simply never turned up and the coffee which was ever so slightly too cold - all crazy frustrating. That is until you remember, you are wearing your favourite me-made panties.

So, after discovering a life long passion my mission is to share with you my own personal 'Lingerie 101'. My journey will share my passion......or possibly obsession,  and trust me it really isn't as hard as you think!! 

My philosophy.......

 That's simple. Have fun, sew what you love, and never be afraid to try.

My Vices? That's simple too - I am a fabric hoarder, there, I have said it out loud. My name is Carol and I am a fabric hoarder. Now it's official. 


My plan.....

Over the next few weeks and months, I will walk you through my journey. Looking at everything including the best materials, the elastics and findings, and the best patterns out there on the market.

I will share with you my makes and include the planning phase and a rough idea of how to take your projects from the conception of a tiny idea to the completed garment. The best bit....the smug satisfaction you get from actually choosing your own underwear over the expensive stuff you own - for the simple reason that you love it more!


Come along for the ride - you never know where it will take you. 


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